Should I Hire a Community Association Management Company in Phoenix?

Should I Hire a Community Association Management Company in Phoenix?

Are your community members keeping up with new laws and regulations? Can they ensure the community's financial health? If the answer is "no," you may need to hire a community association management company.

An experienced community manager can help your Phoenix neighborhood become the envy of all. Not sure if you need community management services? Read on to learn more before making your choice.

Signs You Need Community Management

Property community management can become stressful and time-consuming. Already, volunteers dedicate 86.7 million hours of service to their communities annually. Without help, your volunteers could experience burnout.

They could stretch themselves thin, which could lead them to drop the ball on important tasks. Hiring a community management company will give your community members peace of mind. They can rely on a professional's experience and expertise to better the community.

You likely need a community association manager if:

  • There's not enough time to complete tasks
  • You're not using state-of-the-art technology
  • The community is falling apart
  • You lack legal or accounting experience and expertise

A community manager can ease the burden on community members. They'll take over community upkeep, accounting, administrative tasks, and more.

They'll dedicate their time and talents to better your community. Their services will lighten the load and potential liability.

Their services could ensure your community's financial health and success. Hiring a management company could be cheaper than the financial consequences of neglecting the community.


Look for a full-service community management company. These companies can develop customized plans based on your community's needs. Here are a few services they may offer to support your community.

Administrative Tasks

Administrative tasks can become time-consuming, especially if only a few community members are offering support. Your community manager can lighten the burden by:

  • Screening prospective owners
  • Compiling applications
  • Reviewing proposals for board members
  • Answering calls and emails
  • Handling documentation and records
  • Updating the community databases
  • Distributing mail to homeowners
  • Planning community events
  • Ensuring policy enforcement
  • Attending HOA meetings

Allowing your community manager to handle these tasks can ensure organization and efficiency. Their policy enforcement will keep things fair among members.

Maintenance Requests

Neglecting the neighborhood could cause property values to drop. Even good curb appeal could boost the property value by up to 7%. Your community manager will take responsibility for maintenance requests and community upkeep.

They'll communicate with vendors, gather competitive bids, and handle contractors. They'll ensure your community looks better than ever before.

Accounting, Finance, and Legal

New laws are put into effect every year. Neglecting these changes could lead to fines. Your community manager can track government regulations to ensure that you're following the law.

They'll also file tax returns and advise the boards on financial matters. Their expertise can help ensure the community's financial health.

Hire a Community Association Management Company

Your board members may struggle to maintain your beautiful community alone. Ask for help from a community association management company. Their professional services can help your community become the envy of all!

Look no further than PMI Phoenix Valley! We have over 20 years of experience perfecting and changing the association management industry. Contact us today to benefit from our services.