3 Things to Know About Community Association Management in Phoenix, AZ

3 Things to Know About Community Association Management in Phoenix, AZ

Homeowners' associations (HOAs) are a way of life in Arizona, especially in the Greater Phoenix area. In fact, more than 31 percent of properties in Arizona belong to an HOA. This is significantly higher than the national average of 22%.

There are good reasons why roughly 875,000 Arizona homes fall under an HOA. For one, a community association manager will do everything he or she can to make your residency a great experience.

Read on to learn what community association management services in Arizona do. Explore three things to know about community association managers so your expectations are in check.

1. They Work for the HOA Board

Overseeing and regulating the community are the primary responsibilities of the HOA board. HOA members typically elect volunteers to fill board positions for a temporary term.

There are various roles including president, vice president, treasurer, secretary, and more. None of these positions are paid despite the significant responsibility and workload they are responsible for.

To ease the burden, many HOA boards outsource their workload to a community association manager. This individual now takes direction from the HOA board and is responsible for much of their tasking.

2. They Improve Your Quality of Life

The workload taken on by community association managers directly affects your quality of life. They are the ones that hire landscaping services so you don't have to waste time and energy mowing the lawn.

They also hire pool treatment companies to make sure the water is safe and sanitary for swimming. Now, your family can enjoy a clean swimming pool during the warmer months.

Their goal is to make sure the community achieves a common high standard. All the homes' exteriors are well-maintained and the streets are clean. They pay for trash removal and recycling to make your life more convenient.

Community association managers have different roles depending on what the HOA board tasks them with. Ultimately, they improve quality of life by caring for amenities and handling issues so the residents do not have to.

3. They Increase Property Values

Did you know HOA properties are worth more? Real estate surveys show that belonging to an HOA leads to an increase in property value.

Homebuyers want to live in a nice community. While a person's home is important, many place value on the surrounding homes as well. They want to walk their dog or ride a bike on clean streets with well-manicured homes.

A community association manager helps achieve this grand design. With effective HOA management services, your community will become in demand. Homebuyers are willing to pay top dollar to get in.

Your Guide to Community Association Management

You now understand the important role HOA management plays in your life. They impact your daily life through their diligence and their careful attention to detail.

Reputable HOA management services can improve your quality of life and increase property values. If your HOA is looking to hire a community association management company to manage your area, contact us at PMI Phoenix Valley to speak with a professional today!