4 Reasons to Serve on Your Phoenix, Arizona HOA Board

4 Reasons to Serve on Your Phoenix, Arizona HOA Board

One enduring misconception in the world of real estate is that, once you buy a property, you get a 100% say on everything that happens to that property.

However, this is rarely the case, unless you live in the middle of nowhere. Your community of neighbors - be it in your apartment building, your suburb, or your complex - all have a say in what happens through the HOA board (Homeowners' Association). Almost one-third of all Americans live in a HOA community.

However, only a fraction of homeowners in a community will join the board and ensure they have a say in how things are run. If you live in Phoenix, Arizona and you're not a HOA board member yet, here are four reasons to change that right now.

1. Safeguard Your Property Values

This might be one of the most important HOA duties. As a board, you have a collective responsibility to safeguard property values in the community and ensure that all residents benefit from their investment.

You have the power to enact HOA policies that maintain and increase property values. This could include managing maintenance, cleaning, and gardening contracts. It could include setting the rules for renting out local homes to tenants.

It can also extend to smaller details like pet policies, which will also impact property values. If you attend HOA meetings, you can have your say on the developments that directly impact your net worth.

2. Make the HOA Board Rules

By getting involved in HOA operational tasks, you can help set the tone for how you all live. You can make the rules that everyone abides by and benefits from. If you want to live in a quiet neighborhood, work with your HOA board to set maximum noise levels.

If you want to make common areas and amenities available for the whole community, the best way to do so is through your HOA board. By joining the board, you no longer have to be a passive observer in your community.

3. Solve Problems

Being on the HOA board is no cakewalk. You will be bombarded with messages from your fellow residents, regarding problems they want you to solve from maintenance to community issues.

If you're the kind of person who doesn't shy away from a challenge and prefers to be a doer rather than a follower, the HOA board is the place for you. It might seem time-consuming, but it can also be immensely rewarding.

4. Help Your Neighbors

Arizonans are a friendly bunch. We want to help each other out, and we always have time for a neighbor. If you're the kind of person who would rather give and contribute than simply take or withdraw, then join your HOA board.

This is an opportunity to help the people you live with. You can work towards making your community a place where everyone feels happy, safe, and free. For neighborly folk, joining the HOA board is a no-brainer.

We Are a Friend and Partner for Phoenix, AZ HOA Boards

By joining your HOA board, you can have a say in your life and your community. We understand the power HOA boards can have, and we are eager to partner up with those who need our services.

At PMI Phoenix Valley, we help local HOA boards achieve their goals. Get in touch to find out how.