4 Reasons to Have an Owner Portal in Your Phoenix, Arizona HOA Community

4 Reasons to Have an Owner Portal in Your Phoenix, Arizona HOA Community

The Phoenix real estate market saw a significant decline last year, which is why you must invest in things like owner portals to succeed.

An owner portal is a tool that many investors use to improve all types of properties. When using one for an HOA community, an owner can enjoy a plethora of benefits that help them earn more money and retain their tenants. Without investing in one, you may have a hard time succeeding in real estate.

To help you, PMI Phoenix Valley will outline the main reasons to have one in this guide. Keep reading to start improving your properties!

1. Improve Communication with Tenants

Improving communication with tenants is necessary to keep them happy, and investing in an owner portal is a great way to do so.

Owner portals allow tenants and landlords to communicate with one another by leaving messages in the system. Whenever a problem arises, a tenant can leave a message describing the issue, and the landlord can view it at any time.

Landlords can also use the software to publish notices about changes and events. For example, if a scheduled property inspection is approaching, they can remind tenants via the portal.

2. Better Manage Documents

Many owners struggle to efficiently manage their documents, especially when managing several properties. However, you can drastically simplify the process with an HOA portal.

Whether you work alone or with a property manager, you can upload all relevant documents to the portal to access later. If certain documents are relevant to a tenant, they can also access them.

Keeping all of your documents stored in one place will make HOA management much easier, especially when going through processes like tenant screening and property maintenance.

3. Streamline Rent Collection

Although you can collect rent from tenants in several ways, using an owner portal to do so is often simpler than other methods.

With an owner portal, a tenant can log in and make a payment before or on their rent's due date. If things like HOA fees are also required, these will be calculated into the total amount due.

4. Maintain Your Property

As mentioned, tenants can report problems within an owner portal at any time. Because of this, owners can quickly repair damage and clean things when necessary to ensure their properties stay in good shape.

Owners can also use the portal to notify tenants of HOA violations and how they can avoid them in the future. This not only makes maintaining a property easier, but it also prevents tenants from running into trouble with the association.

Invest in an Owner Portal with PMI Phoenix Valley

Anyone who wants to rent out their HOA property should invest in an owner portal. Now that you know the reasons, you should start working with PMI Phoenix Valley to implement a portal into your real estate plan.

Aside from helping you implement an HOA portal, we can provide a plethora of property management services. These services will ensure that your tenants are happy and that you earn as much money as possible with your properties.

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