How Phoenix Communities Benefit From Professional HOA Manager Services

How Phoenix Communities Benefit From Professional HOA Manager Services

Imagine your Phoenix, AZ community thriving without you needing to lift a finger. Meanwhile, your HOA board volunteers are living their best life in your stunning community. With HOA manager services, it's not just a dream!

The best community management company can set your community up for years of lasting success. Not convinced? Read on to discover the benefits of hiring an HOA manager today.

Higher Property Value

The best community management company can increase the neighborhood's collective property value. For example, they can improve the neighborhood's curb appeal by hiring experienced contractors. They can also enforce policies to ensure every community member is doing their part.

Investing in curb appeal will make homeowners feel pride in their community. A beautiful neighborhood is more likely to make a strong first impression. You could spark interest in new members if your community is well-maintained.

Everything from well-paved streets to landscaping can affect property values. Even curb appeal can help properties fetch a higher price on the market. Improved curb appeal could increase the sale price by 14%.

Your HOA manager can maintain everything from common areas to architecture. Their maintenance and building management services include:

  • Common area inspections
  • Online work order management
  • Architectural request tracking
  • 24-hour availability
  • Obtaining competitive bids from vendors
  • Management of maintenance plans
  • Vendor insurance tracking

With their help, your neighborhood can become the envy of all in Phoenix.

Financial Help

Your community's financial health is essential to your stability and success. Unfortunately, over 60% of HOA members think their HOA doesn't honestly handle the budget. Across the country, HOA dues have increased by as much as 300%.

Community members may get frustrated if you need to increase their dues. Their HOA fees cover landscaping, outdoor recreation, and other community benefits. If you're struggling to maintain the community's finances, hire an HOA manager.

Their financial management services can include:

  • Managing the budget
  • Processing HOA dues and fees
  • Preparing financial records
  • Handling payroll
  • Preparing and filing tax returns

Allowing a third party to handle these processes could appease your community members. Your HOA manager can help you find ways to save money.

Resident Communications

Your community members expect the board to keep them up-to-date. If the board struggles to provide regular updates, hire a property manager. They can improve resident communications by using an online board member portal.

The portal will contain legal documents, board meeting information, and more. Community members can access the information they need without calling board members.

Policy Enforcement

Remember, policy enforcement will ensure fairness throughout the community. Board members may feel uncomfortable enforcing rules on friends. Your property manager can handle this process on your behalf.

Choose HOA Manager Services Today

Your board members don't have to run the community alone. Instead, rely on professional HOA manager services. With help, you can set the community up for lasting success.

Need community management services right away? Look no further than PMI Phoenix Valley.

Our team has nearly 20 years of industry experience helping HOAs like yours. Contact us today to start using our services.