HOA Property Management Companies: Choosing the Right Partner for Your HOA in Phoenix, AZ

HOA Property Management Companies: Choosing the Right Partner for Your HOA in Phoenix, AZ

More than 31 percent of people living in Arizona live under HOA property management companies. That's fifth in the U.S., according to Phoenix Agent Magazine. People enjoy the benefits of association property management because it raises their home values and makes for a beautiful community.

Choosing the right Phoenix HOA property management company is essential. Tips include forming a search committee, establishing your needs, and conducting interviews.

Following these guidelines will help you make the best choice.

Here's more on choosing the right partner for your HOA in Phoenix, AZ.

Form a Search Committee

Recruit people who are both responsible and committed to finding the right HOA property managers. Ensure they are engaged in the process.

Cast a wide net in your search. Use social media to ensure everyone in the community knows you are looking for a Phoenix HOA property management company. Being more inclusive will benefit everyone in the long term.

Set a list of criteria for potential HOA property management companies. What are the goals?

For example, the average HOA dues are $250 monthly. Is that sufficient and fair?

Use the search committee to set goals and a timeline. Also, determine a budget for association property management. Discuss any potential fees or costs.

Establish Your Needs

HOA property management companies provide a wide variety of services. Pool maintenance, landscaping, and dues collection are all tasks of HOA property managers.

You may only need a few of these services. For example, your development might not have a pool, playground, or recreation area. You might want a better landscaping company because of multiple common areas.

Furthermore, HOA property managers must have good negotiation skills when working with vendors. Will you be allowed to keep the current trash collection company, or will the new HOA company provide its own?

Conduct Interviews

Narrow down the property managers for your HOA and select the best. Ask each property manager to meet the committee and conduct interviews.

Ask plenty of questions about around-the-clock service and who the point of contact will be in an emergency. Discuss who will develop the bylaws. Talk about price increases.

Question if the HOA property managers will help create a budget.

Analyze Performance

Many on the search committee might continue as HOA board members.

The HOA board should track the performance of the property managers for the HOA. Determine if they are doing a good job. Are they responding to the needs of the community?

Where can they improve? Are there additional services that you might need?

Analyzing the property management company will help you get the best service.

Criteria for Selecting HOA Property Management Companies

Criteria for selecting HOA property management companies include forming a search committee and establishing your needs. Moreover, conduct interviews and analyze their performance.

Performing these tasks will give you the best experience in HOA property management in Phoenix, AZ.

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