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Tips for living healthier in Arizona and keeping those resolutions

Tips for living healthier in Arizona and keeping those resolutions

What is your New Year’s resolution for 2022? Sure, you can make changes anytime, but there’s something about the new year that gives everyone a fresh start and that extra boost to make changes in your life.

We know it can be difficult to just jump right into a new lifestyle, especially after you spend a couple of weeks lavishing in the holidays. We want to help! Whether you’re an avid proponent of New Year’s resolutions or not, we’ve got some of the best tips for living a happier and healthier life in the new year. Phoenix is a mecca of outdoor opportunities and wellness practices and we want to share some of our favorite.

Read on for a few simple tips (and local recommends!) that might help you make those resolutions last past the second week in January!

1. Start small.

We know that if you’ve spent time planning your resolutions, the prospect of the new-and-improved-you can be so exciting, but make sure your eyes aren’t too big for your stomach. If one of your goals is to start exercising, it may seem exciting to get to the gym on the first of January and crush an hour-long workout at the gym, but that kind of behavior will burn you out quickly. Instead, plan long-term with baby steps toward your goals. We promise you; you’ll feel way more accomplished after a week of easy workouts every day than after one big workout!

2. Be realistic about your number of resolutions

It can be easy to set too many goals during the frenzy of the new year. But remember to be realistic. You’re much more likely to keep one or two resolutions than a handful. There are a million ways one can improve their lives and expecting yourself to adopt all of them over the course of one month is just silly. Our suggestion is to pick the one resolution that you think may be able to lead you into the other resolutions gradually and start with that one. Here are some options we love.

- Start getting up early (try waking up just 30 minutes earlier)

- Start journaling (try writing 30 minutes each day)

- Start jogging (why not get out in our beautiful winter weather?)

Journaling and jogging are tasks that take away time in your life, whether it be for good or not. But, getting up every day gives you more time in the day to accomplish tasks. If you can become accustomed to waking up early on a daily basis, you might be able to then add jogging or journaling to your morning routine!

3. Focus on healthier life practices.

Making major life changes can be hard to obtain. Smaller goals that help you live a healthier life and are easier to keep long-term. So, instead of saying you want to lose 50 pounds, you may want to make the goal of trying a new workout each month or incorporating a 30-minute walk each day. These smaller goals will help you make lifestyle changes that you can do all year long, instead of getting burnt out when you don’t hit your goal right away or if changes are too long.

Here are some of our favorite healthier lifestyle resolutions and where to start.

Start a mindfulness practice. There are tons of mindfulness and meditation meet-ups in the area. You can also try mindfulness apps or guided practices online. Just a few minutes of meditation a day can help reduce stress and improve mental clarity.

Try yoga. There are tons of great yoga classes in the Phoenix area. Why not check out an outdoor event or a practice with Metta Yoga? If you’d rather stay indoors, check out Ashtanga Yoga instead.

Try a fun new workout. Sometimes the best way to continue working out is by challenging yourself to new and unique experiences. Check out a Hawaiian Hula workout class or an African dance class to mix things up.

From all of us at PMI Phoenix Valley, we hope you had a wonderful winter holiday, and we wish you the happiest New Year! As always, we’re here to give you the best Phoenix area suggestions and help maintain your property in the area, as well. Check out our website to learn more.