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Delegating made easy

Delegating made easy

It seems nowadays everyone is pressed for time and resources, and the work of HOA board members is no exception. There are only so many hours in the day and only so many people you can lean on. That’s why delegating is an important skill for HOA board members to develop. Knowing how and when to lean on fellow members and others — particularly when expertise is needed — takes savvy and experience. It also needs to be handled strategically.

When you’re determining who to assign to a certain job at your Phoenix-area HOA, you’ll want to choose intentionally. Pick someone who seems the most equipped to complete the task at hand. It could be the person with the most experience, passion or skills to get the job done successfully.

Buddy up

If you’re looking for an assignment to present to a newcomer on the board of your Phoenix-area HOA, consider pairing them with a more experienced board member first. That way they can learn the basics from a seasoned board member and feel more confident knowing they have someone in their corner who can advise them as needed.

When assigning certain jobs, you’ll want to be mindful of certain variables, including timeliness and importance. You’ll want to choose people who you feel are capable to get the job done on time and while prioritizing quality. You might consider assigning projects with fewer restrictions and protocols to follow, as it allows you to be more hands-off.

Be available

As the person delegating, you want to strike a healthy balance between backing off from the project entirely and still being available for guidance. The person doing the job needs enough details to get the job done proficiently. Don’t make assumptions about anything. Be as clear and concise as possible and allow time for questions and feedback. Let them know any deadlines, protocols and other obligations so there are no surprises. Always document these items so you have a record of what’s being asked. Plus, some people are visual learners and do better with written instructions.

Be patient

The task that took you 30 minutes to complete (after months or years of repetition) might take someone new to the task an hour. Be mindful of the learning curve and plan for delays, at least initially. Everyone learns and works at a different pace.

Encourage innovation

Provide some wiggle room for their own creativity (as long as they’re following the rules and regulations required for the project). You might find they have a new solution to an old problem, so encourage and highlight outside-the-box thinking. You can also check in once in a while to see how they’re doing and if they have any questions or concerns.

Celebrate wins

When a job is done well, make sure to make it known. You can thank them and mention how well they did in your next meeting. Everyone likes to feel appreciated. People who feel validated often tend to be better team players. If there are any helpful tips, constructive criticism or advice you have for future projects, handle them with care. You can approach a potentially awkward conversation by giving positive feedback first and then offering a few notes that may be helpful going forward.

Delegating can do wonders for any HOA board. We hope with these tips that you’re able to delegate successfully and that your operation continues to run smoothly. If you’d like more help with your Phoenix-area HOA, please reach out to us at PMI: {{account:url}}. We love partnering with communities. We wish you success in your endeavors this year and beyond.